A Weekend With A Cause That Matters: Global Glimpse

Clay & Eliza of Global Glimpse

Global Glimpse is an organization that sends students from across the US to an intense three week summer program packed full of leadership training, cultural enrichment, and impactful experiences in Nicaragua. I won the trip from a raffle that occurred at one of their fundraising events and was delighted to have the opportunity to travel with them and learn more about the program!

My first stop was in the small, mountain city of Jinotega. The  students were beginning to prepare for a group debate. The topic: “Is  US involvement in Nicaragua good or bad?” They had been in Nicaragua for  nearly three weeks at this point and had an understanding of the complex history of US-Nicaraguan relations, but hadn’t yet been challenged to critically think about the issues involved.

Ex-Vice President Jose Castellón

After the debates, we ate lunch and walked to former Vice President of Nicaragua, José Rizo Castellón’s house. He led a Q&A session where the students asked him about his worldly travels as well as pressing questions about Nicaragua’s economy and current political situation. Castellón was excited to engage with these curious minds and to give us a tour of his home showing off prized possessions.

The next day, we travelled to the city of Estelí for the student’s community service day which the group had begun planning well before arrival as a requirement of the Global Glimpse program.  It was fascinating to watch these students decide on a project that would not only benefit the community, but would be around long after they had left. This particular group chose to clean and paint a firehouse and a local firefighters were on hand to help them out

Students work on their service project

Though I didn’t spend three weeks in Nicaragua – or paint a firehouse – I learned a great deal about Nicaragua and Global Glimpse and am grateful to have had this opportunity.  Global Glimpse, which operates out of the Rally.org work space, RallyPad, has created an incredible program for students and I wish them all the very best!



This post was contributed by Clay Woolam, a supporter of Global Glimpse. You can learn more about Global Glimpse at their Rally page or at www.globalglimpse.org

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