Data Visualization for Social Change

Visualizing Data graphic notes

Another brilliant 90 minutes, and what better way to document a presentation on presentations than by having it graphically recorded! Beth Kanter started off the session wearing a Darth Vader mask to express her first perceptions about talking data. She showed us the light by explaining the “five stages of measurement acceptance” and inspired us with the “stages of the data informed.” I especially appreciated the mini-interactive audience participation sessions, complete with chocolate candy rewards! But in all seriousness, gold nuggets of knowledge at every turn of phrase.

Johanna Morariu presented the audience with a practical toolbox of how to present data in ways that people can understand and even enjoy looking at. She also reminded us to use the methods that tell the story and avoid just assuming that powerpoint or other commonly used applications are the want to convey information. Data visualization can be as effective as laying some paper on a table and drawing with marker between salt and pepper shakers to map out relationships.

Brian Kennedy shared his experience helping Children Now parse, hone, and then express vast quantities of data gathered to evaluate the state of children in California. Distill your story down to its essential elements and then explore how simple visualization of relevant data can amplify or clarify that key point.

This session was not to be missed. Definitely check out the slides and wiki in the links below. Any organization, no matter what your size can use data to help the world understand your cause.

Picturing Your Data is Better Than 1,000 Numbers: Data Visualization Techniques for Social Change (12NTCviz)

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Wednesday, April 4
Beth Kanter
Johanna Morariu
Brian Kennedy


Slides from the talk
Wiki with slides and list of resources

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