Summer Movies at RallyPad Berlin

Berlin movie nights

Summer always feels a little more magical when you can enjoy outdoor movies with some rooftop drinks, right?

Tomorrow night, 11 July,’s Berlin crew and the Ploonge social network bring some style and splendor to the season with a weekly cinema series.

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Summer Begins at RallyPad EU: Documentaries, Art, and Design



Berlin fans of RallyEU events and art have a few educational options to check out at the RallyPad in coming weeks. Here’s a quick rundown, after the jump.

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Filmmaking for Beginners: Raindance and RallyPad Berlin


Raindance, a leading independent film festival based in London, offers weekend intro-to-moviemaking courses in Europe and North America. This weekend, RallyPad EU and Raindance launch a partnership to cohost a lineup of beginners classes. The first sessions take place from Friday, 10 May, to Sunday, 12 May. Continue reading Filmmaking for Beginners: Raindance and RallyPad Berlin…

Lunch ‘n’ Learn

On February 20th at 1.p.m. we will meet up in the RallyPad kitchen for Lunch&Learn again.

This time we have another special guest: Florian Bartels is lawyer and “Gründungscoach”!

Vegetarian food will be served as well!

 Lunch'n Learn logo2 has arrived in Europe!

After over 12 months of work to establish our payment systems for the European market, we are finally here. Since February, 7th 2013 everybody can join our platform and start to raise money for their causes in Euros.

To celebrate that huge step forward, we had over 200 people at our office in Berlin. But not only did we celebrate the launch, we also had a second reason to do so. Tom Serres, co-founder and CEO of turned 31 and since he is a big fan of public parks, we chose the Berlin based „Prinzessinnengarten“ to fundraise for them. Prinzessinnengarten raised over 1700 Euros within 4 days. We want to thank all supporters for their help to „Keep Prinzessinnengarten Running“.

Here is a great interview with Tom Serres on CNBC Europe, that explains what we do with

You also have a cause to support? Join us at and start telling your story and raise funds within 60 seconds! See you there!

We are proud to invite you to the EU Kick-off, Birthday and Donation Drive party!!




Prepare your weekend to start on a Thursday! We got a birthday party, a launch party, and a charity event for you!

This is what will happen. You arrive at our place, and we will be waiting for you with many treats at the RallyPad. We are turning our beloved working den into the PartyPad!

Our Co-working area is going to host you like if you were in an amazing German Biergarten, our seminar room will be the indoor-RallyPark for the night and we will have a live band, a DJ, and lots of dancing! You will be able to chill outside too, in our conveniently prepared Wintergarten, in which we will have our nice heating, cozy lights and the view of the magical Berlin at night so you can get some fresh air and enjoy a little conversation. We put everything, you decide your mood. We guarantee you will have a good time. And it all will be naturally sourced.

You will also be able to taste the deliciousness of green goods since we are going to have our favorite soup for the winter: Veggie soup! We will also have a fundraising raffle (Tombola) And the best part, is that it it will be in the honor of the amazing cause we are fundraising for: Prinzessinnengarten.

Yes! We are fundraising for the Prinzessinnengarten! We are setting everything up for each one of you to be able to donate 31 Euros for 31 Candles in Tom’s cake. After all, he decided to blossom that age in Berlin, and we will show him how bright the party spirit is in this town.  Additionally, and this is just a friendly reminder, WE ARE LAUNCHING OUR CLOSED BETA! And we want to test it live with you. From the party on, you will be able to raise money for causes that matter to you, help out other people’s causes and spread the good around.

It has been a crazy journey so far, setting everything up and make it run has been a great challenge, but the time has come and we cannot wait to show you our beloved closed beta of causes using It will all happen on Thursday, 7th of February 2013 starting at 20:00.

You can register to our list by clicking here . Bring all your friends!

You can also learn more about the Prinzessinnengarten with this video:

Prinzessinnengarten – Berlin, Germany from Joseph Redwood-Martinez on Vimeo.

See you at the RallyPad, world changers!

Fundraising 2.0 Camp in Köln by Alexa Groener



fundraising 2.0


Für alle Fundraisinginteressierte, Stiftungen, Socialentrepreneurs und Weltverbesserer!!!

Es ist wieder so weit, am 25.01.2013 findet das 6. Fundraising2.0 Camp in der alten Feuerwache in Köln statt. Ziel ist es “Mit Strategie zum Ziel: Marken & Finanzen für NGO & Social Entrepreneur” Angefangen von Sessions die zum Austausch dienen über Workshops bis hin zu sehr interessanten Vorträgen. Für jeden ist etwas dabei! Meldet euch gleich hier.


Am Mittwoch, den 16.01. 2013 haben wir einen ganz besonderen Gast im RallyPad: Oliver Lück, Headcoach bei “Die Coaching Spezialisten” und hauptsächlich als Konflikt- und Kommunikationstrainer tätig.


Gemeinsam präsentieren wir euch einen kleinen Einblick in sein Tätigkeitsfeld und bieten einen kleinen Schnupperkurs (ca. 90 min) an.
Unter dem Titel

Sozial kompetente Kommunikation und Konfliktlösungen bei flachen Hierarchien

wollen wir gemeinsam herausarbeiten,  wie wichtig eine deutliche Kommunikation ist, welche Auswirkungen eine gestörte Situation haben kann und wie sich Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte positionieren können, wenn sie nicht auf traditionelle Strukturen innerhalb des Unternehmens zurückgreifen können.

Meldet euch kurz an unter und kommt um 18 Uhr ins RallyPad, Markgrafenstr.12-14, Nahe Checkpoint Charlie. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist beschränkt, damit auch wirklich jeder etwas aus diesem Kurs für sich und das eigene Unternehmen mitnehmen kann.
Selbstverständlich ist diese Veranstaltung kostenfrei!

Changers @ Rally collect for Kälte Nothilfe




On an evening with Glühwein, Würstchen and a lot of table tennis

Rally’s Changer collected some warm clothes and a christmas tree for “Weihnachten mit Herz”.

We will bring it to the event on Christmas Eve, so if you missed it you can still bring donations to the RallyPad until Friday!

For more informations click here!

Weihnachten mit Herz

Changers meet @ Rally’s Pre-Christmas-Glow

RallyPad Berlin invites you to Glühwein and Würstchen!

Tuesday, December 18th

From 6 pm

Instead of Wichteln, we decided to collect for Kältenothilfe in Berlin.

Bring sleepingbags, blankets, coats or jackets for men, scarfs etc.

we are delivering everything on Christmas Eve to:

Weihnachten mit “Herz”

You bring it, we put it into the bag!