Five Ways to Look Great on Rally

Whether your Rally Cause Page needs to match your already established website, or your Cause Page IS your website, designing an attractive header is an easy and important way to represent your cause. Follow some of these suggestions to design and create a compelling Rally header that inspires people to donate to your cause.


Design Tips:

1. If you have a logo, be sure and feature it.


2. If you have a tagline, include it! It helps new visitors better understand your cause.


3. Use good quality photos of some of the people your cause helps.


4. Or show your cause in action with detailed images.


5. Remember your header image needs to be 940 x 150 pixels and saved as a JPG or PNG.



1. Tools for designing your header:

2. Free photo editors and how-to guides for cropping and saving your header:


We hope this list was helpful. If you want to learn about Rally’s tools for fundraising sign up for our weekly webinar or download our Getting Started Guide.

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  1. Aisha March 6, 2012

    Awesome helpful tips Lindsay! Thanks!

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