From Texas Politics to International Nonprofits

Photo of Rally Team

Photo: Brant Ward / The Chronicle

A few weeks ago, Carolyn Said sat down with Rally’s CEO to learn more about the company’s evolution. We love the way her cover-article in the San Francisco Chronicle tells the Rally story:


Serres, now 30, was volunteering for a local candidate running for judge in 2004 while studying Chinese and accounting at the University of Texas at Austin.

Surprised that the campaign lacked an online presence, he helped build a website and raise money via e-mails and online newsletters.


During the next year and a half, that consulting business evolved into a online fundraising platform. After a key turning point involving Rep. Joe Wilson’s famous “you lie” outburst during President Obama’s health care speech to congress, the platform took off.

To the founding team’s surprise, it wasn’t just  politicians who needed an easy online fundraising tool. Everyone from schools to churches to nonprofits started signing up:


[Rally] is now home to more than 10,000 cause-based groups worldwide, “from Bangladesh to Iceland,” Serres said.

“We quickly evolved beyond political organizations to advocacy groups, churches, things like nature conservancies, missionary groups, you name it,” he said.


The article goes on to describe Rally’s current client-base, as well as our social venture incubator, RallyPad.

You can read the full story here.


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