How to “Funnify” Your Cause & Open the Door to a Massive Audience

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How do you attract new people to your website and reach more supporters? Evan Bailyn shared his top tricks to lure potential supporters to your website through social media channels as well as face-to-face conversations.

Here are some of Evan’s pro-tips for engaging new supporters:

  • When chatting with potential donors, encourage them do the talking instead of hogging the spotlight yourself. Find things that you both have in common, and make personal connections to dive deep beyond surface conversations and build real relationships.
  • Attract new people to your website by creating stellar content and systematically sharing it with friends, family, social networks, and tastemakers in your space.
  • Be gutsy! Think outside of the box to find innovative ways to interact with new people.

How to Funnify Your Nonprofit & Open the Door to a Massive Audience
Evan Bailyn- SEO and Social Media Expert
Thu April 5th 1:30-3:30

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