Rally 101: 5 Tips for a Great Updates Section


If you’ve followed our earlier Rally 101 posts, you now should be ready to introduce your crowdfunding campaign to the world. One way to inspire people to give and to follow your story is through your Updates section, and we have some pointers on how to create the best updates possible.

Crafting a messaging strategy is key to building momentum for your Rally. Our advice sounds ridiculously obvious because it is obvious, but  for those of you overwhelmed as to where to even begin, we’ve got you covered.

No-Duh Tip #1: Liven up written posts by including a callout for questions, comments, and stories in your Updates section.

Of course you’ll be featuring the latest news about your Rally. In addition, ask supporters to post a message about the Rally—perhaps directed at the beneficiaries, or about what this fundraiser means to them—in order to boost engagement. Asking supporters questions helps, too. This works to create an online community and conversation about the Rally and the cause behind it.

No-Duh Tip #2: Donors want to see photos of the people you’re rallying for.

updatesection-bringasoldierhomeAnimals, too, such as this guy (a bomb dog named Chacky) who will benefit from the Rally to bring a soldier home.

We can’t stress this enough: Supporters respond more strongly to visual updates, especially when they’re accompanied by text telling the story behind them.

Note that because the images in the Updates are fairly small, more focused photos (such as portraits) look better than landscape or faraway shots.


No-Duh Tip #3: Contributors like videos, too.

There’s no need to film a long or complicated video: Your smartphone camera can do the trick, especially if you’re using apps such as Vine or Instagram. Thank you messages make for good video updates, as do short, slice-of-daily-life videos like this one from the Support Sam Lee Rally.


No-Duh Tip #4: Inspiring words generate comments and Likes, and they’re easily shareable, too.


Twitter and Facebook followers love sharing powerful quotes and messages; you probably see an increase in the number of retweets and Facebook shares you get whenever you post words of wisdom. Particularly when people comment on what those affirmations mean to them, like the Rally leader behind RunEMZ.

No-Duh Tip #5: Plan your posts.

You don’t want to inundate your supporters with updates and emails about what your Rally is up to. Just as important, you want to make sure you have enough content for your updates for the duration of your fundraising period.

Some Rally leaders keep collecting donations for several months—if you’re planning to post your Rally’s latest news every week, that’s a lot of updates. Aim to post no more than once or twice a week, whether you’re sharing photos, videos, or text updates.

To learn more about how to maximize your Updates section, visit our Rally Help Center.

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