Rally 101: How to Set Fundraising Goals and Rewards

monkeyelephantdonationsBefore you even created your Rally page, you probably had some dollar figure in mind for your crowdfunding campaign: the amount of money needed to, say, pay for study-abroad tuition or the approximate cost of medical treatments for a family member.

This Rally 101 post will address the basics of setting and inputting those donation goals, suggested contribution amounts, and even rewards for your supporters.

In your dashboard under Settings you’ll see the Basic Setup options. The right-hand side of the form lets you decide if you want to set your Fundraising goal type as Amount Raised (all the money contributed to your Rally) or as the number of Donors you’re aiming for. You can specify the total amount of money or number of contributors in the Fundraising goal field.


To provide more details about your Rally’s fundraising goals and to indicate rewards for certain donation amounts, use the Advanced Setup page.

Under the Donations column you can determine whether a particular Amount of money is tied to a specific item; you can explain those items in the Description field. Click on the boxes beneath if you want to allow your supporters to enter a customized amount and to allow Recurring Donations.

(The Donor Information & Agreement column on the right is most often used to comply with legal requirements specific to political campaigns and some nonprofit organizations using Rally.org.)

Donations-Advanced Setup

The photo at the very top of this post, from the Rally page for the Monkey and the Elephant Cafe, lists the rewards offered for contributing certain dollar amounts to this Rally.

donationsforthemoveThis donation box to the left, for theMOVE‘s Rally fundraiser, indicates what certain dollar donations will help pay for.

Do you have more questions about establishing fundraising goals or offering rewards? Check out the Rally Help Center or add your questions and comments below.

















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