Rally 101: What’s in a Rally Name?

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Hi, Rally.org supporters! We will periodically feature some tips and advice for creating an inspiring Rally, whether you’re starting your very first fundraiser with us or if it’s been a while and you’re coming back to launch a Rally. We’ll walk you through the basics to give your Rally power and personality.

First things first: Deciding what you’re going to name your Rally.

Once you’ve decided to create a crowdfunding page and clicked on the Start Your Rally button, you’ll see a form, which includes a field to Name your Rally.

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Remember Mad Libs, those wacky fill-in-the-blank word games from your childhood? The top headline on your Rally page works in a similar fashion: Let’s rally for {Rally name} to {reason}.”

The best Rally names and URLs are succinct and memorable. Your Rally name will fill in the first part of your Mad Lib: Let’s rally for {Rally name}.” Use a name or title—maybe even a slogan—for your crowdfunding campaign, like Mas Libertad (pictured at the top of this post) or The Monkey & The Elephant (below).


You can use this Rally name to create a distinctive URL, such as rally.org/maslibertad or rally.org/themonkeytheelephant.

You can also choose a different URL like this Rally for Kerry Max Cook, which uses a URL that’s in keeping with the Rally’s purpose, rally.org/stillchasingjustice.


Whatever Rally name you choose, it should provide visitors to your page a vivid image or catchy phrase for them to remember.

It’s also important to be specific in explaining the purpose of your Rally in your pitch—that’s the second part of your Mad Lib, “to {reason}.” As the prompt advises in Step 1 of 2, “To get people excited about your Rally, you need a quick strong pitch. What’s your Rally called and why are you doing it?”

See the examples above: Mas Libertad, The Monkey & The Elephant, and Kerry Max Cook make brief but powerful and straightforward pitches on their pages.

We’ve seen pages with pitches that rally “to help make a difference” or “to help change the world.” You need to be more vivid in your pitch: Your supporters already know that you want to make a difference, or else you wouldn’t be here fundraising in the first place!

The more specific the appeal to potential donors, the greater the impact that your Rally page will have on visitors…which, of course, encourages donations.

For your Mad Lib, you have a total of 60 characters between the name of your Rally and the purpose of your Rally, so use your words wisely.

Another hint: Before you finalize your Mad Lib, type it out in Word or another program that allows you to spellcheck. Once you’ve figured out what you want your Mad Lib to say, copy and paste it into the Rally page template.

Watch this space for more Rally page fundamentals.

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