Rally CEO Wins 2012 CampaignTech Innovator Award

Tom Serres


We’re thrilled to announce that Tom Serres has won a 2012 CampaignTech Innovator Award for his stewardship of Rally.org.

Here’s how Campaign & Elections describes the selection process:

Nominated by their peers, Innovators work in the fields of technology, campaigns, advocacy and government and have developed a legacy of innovation and collaboration using technology to inform, enable and engage voters and constituents on behalf of a political or issue advocacy campaign or legislative office. Winners of the award all demonstrate a visionary approach to the future of digital politics and advocacy.


While Rally’s easy online fundraising tool is open to causes of all types, it’s been especially popular with political campaigns as the 2012 election cycle heats up. From multi-million dollar Senate bids down to town assembly races, campaigns across the political spectrum are using Rally to share their message, connect with new supporters, and raise more money.


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