Rally.org Teams Up with Maker Ed to Support Every Child A Maker!

Rally Maker March Header’re very excited to announce that we have recently partnered with the Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed), and today we are launching the Month of Making Money! Maker Ed’s mission is to create more opportunities for all young people to develop confidence, creativity, and spark an interest in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts, and learning as a whole through making. In 2013, they engaged over 90,000 youth and families in making activities. Rally.org is committed to educating and supporting the current and next generation of makers and the Maker Movement.

Maker Ed works with local organizations to implement its Maker Corps and Maker VISTA programs, and these organizations do tremendous work to help reach the vision of every child a maker. Maker Corp Host Sites, which range from science rich institutions to libraries to school districts, bring on 2-5 Maker Corps Members for paid summer internships to support their maker programming. Maker VISTA Hub Sites build capacity in high poverty communities for youth to experience making year round. For the Month of Making Money campaign, we’re empowering a selection of Maker Corps Host Sites and Maker VISTA Hub Sites to raise money to support their maker programming efforts.

The participating sites are:

Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore, MD is a youth-centered makerspace that wants to provide scholarships for Baltimore youth to attend MakerCamp 2014.

Keene Public Library in Keene, NH serves as an education, cultural, and social center where citizens of all walks of life come together to learn in our small yet thriving New Hampshire town.

Maker Guilds in Los Angeles, CA after school programs, guilds, and camps improve children’s innovative and critical thinking mindset skills, teach them to accept and embrace failure, and prepare them for a rapidly changing future.

Miami Science Makers in Miami, FL is striving to introduce new maker activities that they believe will bring families together to create an open ended learning environment through hands-on projects.

Newark Museum in Newark, NJ is where art and science meet. The largest museum in the state, we are dedicated to using our collections to inspire innovative making and creative problem solving through school, out-of-school and public programs.

SAM Academy in Sanger, CA reaches out to underserved children during out-of-school time and offers children enrichment activities in science, art, and music programs otherwise not accessible at home or in school.

SASTEMIC in San Antonio, TX has a goal to reach underserved populations and provide students with access to 21st Century technologies such as 3D printers, rapid prototyping circuit boards, and computer coding.

Please join us in supporting the Maker Movement today!



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