Rallying More Troops

Nick Warshaw is a political junkie and a Business Development superstar.  From a young age he began working on campaigns, beginning with Senator Boxer’s 2004 reelection efforts.  He then spent six months in Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Office.  Later, he was elected President of the California College Democrats, where he greatly expanded the organization and oversaw the registration of over 50,000 new voters.  In 2008 he coordinated earned media for President Obama’s 2008 communications operation in Missouri.  Most recently, Nick worked on the political side of stem cell research at California’s Stem Cell Institute, a 3 billion dollar fund.  When he’s not being political, Nick enjoys Healthy Choice’s microwave meals, tennis, and the West Wing.

Andrew Le is Rally’s latest addition to the Design Team. Born and raised in the unassuming state of Mississippi, he has always been a “designer” of sorts, finding endless joy in the act of thinking about, making, and breaking things (not necessarily in that order). After graduating from Mississippi State University’s College of Art, Architecture + Design, he freelanced in Austin, Texas for a year before continuing his unwitting westward journey to California. Andrew is a member of AIGA whose work makes regular appearances in print and online. When he’s not at the office, Andrew enjoys writing and listening to music, going on adventures, learning trivial skills, and trying to find perfection in everything.

Lindsay Liebson, joins us as a member of the Rally Business team, and is committed to spread the word about the causes she loves such as Rebuilding Together Peninsula and Youth on their Own. Lindsay joined the Rally team after completing her studies as a Mayfield Fellow at Stanford University. During Lindsay’s off hours, she enjoys recording music and subscribing to undiscovered YouTube cover artists. As a creative thinker and designer with a technical background in engineering, she also loves working on home improvement projects and creating innovative solutions for small space living.

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