Rally’s Engineering Team Expands

Adam TaitAdam Tait joins the Rally Engineering team from his consulting business, where he led front-end development & product marketing efforts for a range of technology businesses. Previously, Adam has worked at Freelancer.com, Indochino.com and Amazon.com, and with Canadian venture incubator, Wesley Clover. He loves all things winter and has been a long-time supporter of the Alpine Canada and Canadian Ski Coaches Federation. At weeks end, Adam can been seen training for the next marathon, learning japanese, or hacking on his guitar.


John BrandyJohn Brandy joins us from Hewlett-Packard, where he worked as a Systems and Software Engineer. Journeying west, John’s trip to Rally started in Florida with a stop in Fort Collins, Colorado before finally reaching the bay area of California. In addition to being a stellar engineer, John is a home-brewing enthusiast, with plans to teach the Rally team how to make a mean IPA.

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