You Need a Strategy, Dammit, Not a Twitter Account

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J.D. Lasica opened the session with an insightful (and reassuring!) statement: Social media is about people. Not about blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. It’s overwhelming to think about using all these channels, and J.D. argued that we don’t have to – in fact we shouldn’t – use them all.

Instead, said Carla Schlemminger, we must step back and look at the big picture. Why are we doing this? Who is our audience? How can we gain support in our organization for this? How do we roll out our plan? Social media is a series of stages: crawl, walk, run, fly.

J.D. and Carla proceeded to walk through the elements of a strategic plan and take lots of questions from the audience. They also shared an amazing resource of guides, statistics, and templates for social media on the Socialbrite website.

You Need a Strategy Dammit, Not a Twitter Account
JD Lasica, Carla Schlemminger – both from
Thu April 5rd 10:30-12:00
#12NTCDammit  – the most profane hashtag at NTC ;-)
Slides and resources available at

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