Students of the World Starts Rallying

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been slowly bringing a handful of organizations on to the Rally platform. One of our earliest beta testers, Students of the World, is raising money to bring students from the University of Texas and the Cine Institute of Haiti together for a documentary on the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

In just a few short weeks, Rally has helped Students of the World connect with supporters and raise an impressive amount of money. Here’s how they did it:

Customizing and promoting a donation page: They’ve created a gorgeous page that matches their brand identity, and they’ve been linking to it from Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing videos, photos, and messages: Their Rally page is rich with comments, photos and video clips highlighting the work they’re doing and keeping supporters up-to-date on progress.

This photo alone raised enough money to pay for the camera!

Interacting with supporters: Courtney Spence, Executive Director of Students of the World, has been actively responding to people who post notes of support on their Rally page.

Empowering supporters to raise money: People have already begun using Rally’s Fan Fundraiser feature to raise money on behalf of Students of the World.

We’re proud to have Students of the World on Rally as great example of what can be done when an inspiring organization has the tools to connect with supporters and truly involve them in the cause.

As Courtney Spence says“We think Rally is the perfect platform for Students of the World as we will be able to share with you, in real time, our projects through film and photography and give you an opportunity to engage in our work.”

Thanks Courtney! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Students of the World.

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