Give Hope this Holiday Season


Our “Rally for the Holidays” collection of causes shines light on some very moving stories that speak to the spirit of this very special season of giving. We hope that these stories of strength, resilience and drive serve as a powerful reminder that a little bit of empathy can go a long way in changing someone’s world for the better.

We invite you to check out a few examples from our collection below.

Christmas is LoveThe Christmas is Love SC Project brings holiday cheer to adults who are physically and intellectually challenged. Many of the young adults and elderly participants who stay at Helping Hands or HopeBridge at the Hollies adult day care centers live well below the poverty line and have little to nothing to celebrate. Learn more about this holiday initiative today.

Rescue, Repurpose, Redeem is working to to help individuals who have suffered from chronic homeless and live with disabilities to get their entrepreneurial businesses off the ground. Handmade cards, ornament, handbags and more can be purchased by clicking “Contribute” on the fundraising page and selecting a specific donation amount. View the video below to find out more about this organization.

The full collection of nearly 50 causes is available at Take some time to enjoy looking through these heartwarming projects that have been triggered by compassion and are fueled by love, whether you’re looking to:

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best as we prepare to say goodbye to 2013 and ring in the New Year. Happy holidays!

3 Holiday Fundraising Tips from Mistletoe

Biomimicry for Fundraisers” is a blog series that uses inspiration from Mother Nature to help causes raise more money. In each installment, we’ll feature a new plant, animal, or ecological phenomenon, then derive a handful of lessons for effective fundraising. We hope you’ll have as much fun reading these posts as we have had writing them!

This month, in the holiday spirit, we’ll be looking at mistletoe. Turns out that mistletoe isn’t only a good excuse to smooch in public. It also has a few clever tricks that fundraisers can learn from.


Photo by designatednaphour on Flickr

Mistletoe trees store their pollen in a chamber on the top of each flower.  When a bird lands on the flower, it triggers the chamber to burst open and shower the bird with pollen. The bird then flies off, carrying the pollen on its wings and body to other trees, and ensuring the survival of the species. (Learn more about it at AskNature.)

So what can we fundraisers learn from mistletoe? When someone “lands” on your cause this holiday season, take advantage of the interaction and turn your donors into pollinators. As they sip eggnog at cocktail parties, stroll with fellow carolers, send holiday e-cards, or play dreidel with their family, your donors can be spreading the word and recruiting new supporters.