Nonprofit Technology Conference

Should You Worry About Mobile? Why?

More Than Apps Rally Note

More than Apps
Laura Quinn, Idealware
Tue April 3rd 1:30-3:00

Does your organization need a mobile strategy? In this fast-paced, jam-packed session, Laura Quinn wielded statistics like there was no tomorrow and fielded any and many questions from the audience.

We discussed how mobile strategies help nonprofit and change organizations engage with supporters on their own terms. Whatever your mobile format-of-choice, it can be a fabulous way of providing information to people in situ, engaging them in conversation, and even supporting staff in the field.

Laura punctuated this mini-crash course by stopping on a blank screen and asking the audience “So How Can This Work for You?”  A LOT of information is out there, and Laura reminded the audience to use only what works for their organization.

A limited number of prints of this poster can be found today and tomorrow at the table outside of Grand Ballroom A at the Union Square Hilton. Check back often! We’ll be displaying the actual large format posters soon after each session that we cover! Follow us on Twitter stay updated during the conference.


Keep It Simple: Takeaways from Day 2 of NTC

Guest blogger Mike Berkowitz is co-founder & CEO of Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies, an impact-oriented strategy firm that partners with the world’s most passionate and daring changemakers to reimagine, expand, and realize their social impact. He is also an active member at RallyPad, a social venture incubator funded by


I’m a first-timer here at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (a huge thanks to for bringing me along!).

I expected to walk away from my NTC experience with a deeper understanding of the ways in which technology can be used to help nonprofits. But I’m intrigued to find that the biggest lesson I’ve learned today isn’t about technology, per se.

From Dan Roam talking at an amazing opening plenary this morning about his new book Blah Blah Blah and imploring us to draw the problem instead of writing it out; to Katya Andresen of Network for Good emphasizing the need to connect with people’s emotions (which generally isn’t accomplished with facts and figures); to blogging expert Britt Bravo’s recommendation to keep blog posts to 100-300 words (and find creative ways to engage people, like this hugely popular blog for Goodwill DC:, the underlying thread of my day has been: keep it simple. 

As Britt taught us, people are skimmers. We’re short on time and short on attention. We respond to emotion. We understand pictures easier than we understand words.

(Which is one reason, by the way, why you may enjoy Rally’s graphical notes from NTC more than you might a traditional conference summary).

So next time you’re communicating to your network, remember to make your message visual, emotional, and easy to understand. In other words, keep it simple.


Rethinking Your Website: Tips on Process and Success

Graphic Recording for 12NTCredesign

It Time to Redesign Your Website?
Kira Marchenese, Director Internet Communications, Environmental Defense Fund
Farra Trompeter, Vice President, Big Duck
Tue April 3rd 10:00-12:30

NonProfit Technology Conference is off with bang! Dozens of people were sitting on the floor and standing in the doorway for a packed session as Kira Marchenese of Environmental Defense Fund and Farra Trompeter of Big Duck held forth for a solid ninety minutes about useful processes, tips and case studies for rethinking your website.

This session was pure gold for small, new organizations and large established organizations alike. No matter who you are—avoiding the time, financial and mental headaches of a project gone wrong are critical to your organization’s success.

From content strategy, goal setting, moodboards, wireframe specs, and a repeated push to build based on user personas, Farra and Kira gave NTC particpants a multi-faceted toolbox for nonprofit website communication.

Slides from this morning’s talk can be found at:

A limited number of prints of this poster can be found today and tomorrow at the table outside of Grand Ballroom A at the Union Square Hilton. Check back often! We’ll be displaying the actual large format posters soon after each session that we cover! Follow us on Twitter stay updated during the conference.

100 Trends in Nonprofit Tech – An Illustrated Poster

100 Trends in Nonprofit Tech Poster


Last night, speakers from the Nonprofit Technology Conference gathered to share tips, trends, and conference-survival techniques over dinner at‘s headquarters. All the attendees – including folks like Beth Kanter, Evan Bailyn, and Britt Bravo – named the nonprofit technology trend that most excites them, and illustrator Kate Rutter created a fabulous visual summary of all their ideas. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Click on the image above to see a detailed view, and check back here over the next three days for more visual Rally Notes from the best and biggest sessions at NTC.

Visualizing a Conference: Graphic Notes from the Nonprofit Technology Conference

Starting tomorrow, thousands of nonprofit leaders will convene in San Francisco for the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference. Over three quick days, we’ll hear hundreds of speakers share thousands of insights, tools and case studies. It’s exciting, but it’s a lot to digest!

That’s why has partnered with two amazing artists to bring some visual clarity to everything going on. “Graphic Notes from NTC” is a series of visual summaries of the biggest keynotes and panels at the conference.

We’ll be posting digital versions of the Graphic Notes here on the blog, plus we’ll be distributing free posters of the Graphic Notes in the hallways of the conference.

If you’re attending the conference, keep an eye out for artists Kate Rutter and Rob Cottingham as they illustrate the sessions in real time.

Kate Rutter

Kate Rutter

Rob Cottingham

Rob Cottingham








If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post a comment here or find someone with a t-shirt on at NTC.