Give to Causes that Matter on #GivingTuesday


Forget about those shoes that are half-off and the latest and greatest video game console — #GivingTuesday is a breath of fresh air after your frenetic holiday search for the perfect buy. Now in its second year, #GivingTuesday was created as an antidote to the shopping frenzy that comes with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. is partnering with #GivingTuesday to showcase a collection of non-profit organizations that are tirelessly working to improve living conditions, create cures and rebuild lives. (more…)

Coffee Shop for a Cause in Philly


We’ve just posted our latest story in our series of inspiring Rally fundraising campaigns on Yahoo! Shine. This week we meet Lisa Miccolis, the founder and president of the non-profit the Monkey and the Elephant. Behind the whimsical name lies a serious story about how a former foster kid in South Africa inspired Lisa to launch an organization to help young adults who have aged out of the foster-care system in Philadelphia.

For Lisa Miccolis the path to working with former foster kids in Philadelphia began with safari animals…and coffee.

Lisa, the founder and president of the non-profit organization and coffee shop the Monkey and the Elephant, got the name from a secret code she started using several years ago, after a trip to South Africa. In October 2008, bringing little more than her clothes and her camera, she visited a friend who had been living in Cape Town and owned a bakery there.

Lisa hung out at her friend’s bakeshop, chatting with workers and customers and eventually connecting with Homestead Projects for Street Children, a local non-profit that works to get boys off the streets of Cape Town. Homestead thought her photography skills might be useful, so she agreed to meet with the staff and the boys living at its shelter.

“I went to the orphanage and saw a young man sitting at a desk with a journal and a pen,” Lisa recalled. “The staff told me, ‘Oh, that’s Ephraim. He’s writing his life story,'” a life story that soon became enmeshed with hers.

Find out the meaning behind the Monkey and the Elephant passcode, and the mission of the Monkey and the Elephant cafe, at “This Week’s Rally for Good: Coffee for a Cause in the City of Brotherly Love.”

YouTube Stars Crowdfunding for Non-Profits on


With 3.2 billion views and counting, Big Frame is a big deal. Stars on this YouTube multi-channel network have passionate viewers who have connected to other loyal fans and created communities around interests and causes they care about. We’re thrilled to announce that some of the leading Big Frame and YouTube talents have teamed up with to launch fundraising and awareness campaigns for the organizations that inspire them.

In this ongoing partnership, some of the network’s personalities have already rolled out their charity-related videos and Rallys, with more to come. Each star has chosen a different organization to promote to their fans, encouraging their supporters to donate and learn more about these causes. After the jump, a list of the first Big Frame and YouTube Rallys and the notables behind them.


Mentor Me India Rallies for Pilot Project in Mumbai



A shy, artistic girl named Pinkie, standing in a corner by herself in a classroom, got Dayoung Lee thinking about creating a one-on-one mentoring program for Indian schoolchildren.


Ending Violence Against LGBTQ People



For her 39th birthday (which is today, April 17), Farra Trompeter wants to fight violence with anti-violence. Her birthday wish: That at least 39 donors help her raise money for the New York City-based Anti-Violence Project (AVP), which advocates on behalf of LGBTQ communities and people living with HIV.


Make a Donation in Time for Tax Day



Monday, April 15 is just over the horizon. If you procrastinated and plan to spend this weekend hunched over forms and receipts, you still can make tax time a little more bearable by donating to one of your favorite Rallys.


The Nudgefier Has Landed!

We are excited to introduce to you Rally’s latest addition – what we at Rally fondly call the “Nudgefier”.

How does it work? Rally has gathered data from thousands of causes that use our platform to give you personalized tips on how to optimize your fundraising campaign! Once you create a Rally account, you will see these helpful tips on your cause page. With cool stats and prompts, we help you personalize your cause page, think about interesting fundraising strategies, and improve donor engagement!

Let us know what you think–and stay tuned for more cool things to come!

Happy fundraising!


Devin’s Drive: The Heartwarming Story of One Young Superhero

Devin with his dad

Devin was late to turn over, crawl, walk, and talk but otherwise a happy, and generally, healthy baby. Looking back, Devin’s difficulties started with an unforeseen trauma at birth and has since led to developmental delays for all of his growth benchmarks. The extremely rare form of Moyamoya disease that debilitates this twelve year boy requires endless doctors appointments, special schooling, and an unpredictable future for an otherwise spirited child.

Devin’s immediate family, residents of Lake Mary, Florida, have never asked for financial help to cover these costs and, thus, were shocked that his aunts had independently discovered ‘a unique way to raise money’ –  Learning that it was the same company that internet entrepreneur, Kevin Rose, recently invested in for Google Venture, they eagerly set up a site. For their initial messaging, they purposefully used Twitter and reach out to @rally and @kevinrose. When Kevin quickly responded with a donation and personal note they saw an influx of additional donations – small and large – and knew they’d picked the right fundraising platform for Devin’s Drive.

The cause’s goal is to financially help this courageous family as their son battles this neurological disease. What Devin’s Drive has achieved is far greater.  Upon visiting Devin’s Rally Page, you will find a fundraising page brimming with support and well-wishes for Devin, and reciprocally, up-to-date posts about his progress — the highs and lows of a trooper who doesn’t take life for granted. The family reaches out to inform donors as much — and as often — as donors are touched by this heartwarming story of boy who has never given up, and a parents that haven’t asked for a single penny.

Dr. Scott, the top doctor in Moyamoya disease, hasn’t seen a case quite like Devin’s, and because of its uniqueness, no one has any idea of  how it will progress. However, the people that support Devin can still make a difference during this entire experience for Devine and his family.

Visit to donate, hear from Devin’s family, and to wish him well.

Funding Causes That Matter: Rally’s CEO Tom Serres Talks to Bloomberg

“More people give money to something they’re personally connected to.”

Rally’s CEO Tom Serres talks to Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg televisions “Money Moves” about the”Cause Economy” and how Rally helps you fund your passions.

Rally CEO Tom Serres on Bloomberg Television

On the 4th of July, We Rally for Stiggy’s Dogs

“Rescuing one to rescue another” – this is Stiggy’s Dogs motto.  A nonprofit organization started by Jennifer Petre in memory of her nephew, HM3 Benjamin Phillip (aka. “Doc Stiggy”) Castiglione, Stiggy’s Dogs transforms shelter dogs into individually trained Psychiatric Service Animals for our military veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. These dogs are taught specific tasks ranging from reminding veterans to take their medicine to waking them up from a nightmare to directing them through fast-moving crowds.

There are about 5 million dogs in shelters around America that may be euthanized if they do not find a home. All contributions made to Stiggy’s Dogs goes towards rescuing these dogs and pairing them with a military vet from the program. Thanks to these little fur balls, our military vets now get to live fuller lives.

One such star, Honor, is a nominee for the HERO DOG AWARD, 2012! Honor, a rescue dog from the Michigan Humane Society was paired Faith Harris, a war veteran and now the Assistant Director for Stiggy’s Dogs. Honor is responsible for Faith’s recovery and re-emergence from her time spent in Iraq.

Honor and Faith

Honor has not only been her companion by helping Faith recover from PTSD and blossom into a confident person, but has been a pillar of support during Faith’s recent battle with cancer. Did you know that Honor and Faith are up for a $25,000 grant from Home Depot?

As we get ready to fire up the grill for the 4th of July holiday, we want to give you the opportunity to celebrate this day with our military vets at Stiggy’s Dogs.