Rally 101: 5 Tips for a Great Updates Section


If you’ve followed our earlier Rally 101 posts, you now should be ready to introduce your crowdfunding campaign to the world. One way to inspire people to give and to follow your story is through your Updates section, and we have some pointers on how to create the best updates possible.

Crafting a messaging strategy is key to building momentum for your Rally. Our advice sounds ridiculously obvious because it is obvious, but  for those of you overwhelmed as to where to even begin, we’ve got you covered.


Rally 101: How to Set Fundraising Goals and Rewards

monkeyelephantdonationsBefore you even created your Rally page, you probably had some dollar figure in mind for your crowdfunding campaign: the amount of money needed to, say, pay for study-abroad tuition or the approximate cost of medical treatments for a family member.

This Rally 101 post will address the basics of setting and inputting those donation goals, suggested contribution amounts, and even rewards for your supporters.


Rally 101: Uploading Supporters to Your Page



So you’ve chosen your fundraising cause, you’ve set up your page with a Cover photo or video, and you’ve named your Rally and written up your About section and appeal for donations. Do you know who you’re asking for support and how to connect them to your crowdfunding campaign?

This Rally 101 post will show you, step-by-step and with helpful graphic illustrations, how to easily upload your email contacts or social-networks lists of friends, family, and coworkers to your cause home page.


Rally 101: Using Video on Your Rally Page

In this post on how to choose the best images for your Rally’s page, we look at video Covers. Just as with a photo Cover, the video introduces your Rally to potential supporters.

Your Rally video needs to clearly communicate your message and your Rally’s story, allowing a potential supporter to watch it and, right off the bat, understand your cause and your passion for it—what you’re fundraising for and why.


Rally 101: Tips for Rally Page Photos

We’re back with another set of pointers for Rally users, this time taking a look at how to use the best photo images for the Cover page of your Rally. (We’ll address video Covers in our next post.)


We call the main page of your Rally fundraising campaign a Cover because it works like the cover of a book or magazine: The cover entices you to pick it up, check out the table of contents or book summary, and decide if you want to buy it or put it back on the shelf.

In order to bring supporters for your Rally page, you need a compelling and attractive Cover image.


Become a Fan Fundraiser for Your Favorite Rally


No doubt you’ve seen lots of crowdfunding campaigns on that have inspired you to support, follow, or give to keep the fundraiser going. If you’ve wondered how else you can connect with cause leaders and their donors, we have made it super easy to do so: Here’s what you need to know to become a Fan Fundraiser.


More New Faces at

Along with a new season come some new members of the team at, and we’re excited to introduce them to you!

wendymitchell mugshot

Wendy Mitchell joins Rally as our live operations product manager, working to optimize what’s currently on our website. She arrives at Rally HQ from Playdom, a social-gaming company under the Disney Interactive Media Group. In her off-hours, Wendy loves games and exploring her new neighborhood in San Francisco. Her exploration continues when she’s on vacation or has long weekends to scuba-dive and ski.

danielbeer mugshot

Daniel Beer is Rally’s business development intern. A born-and-bred New York City kid, he’s a proud graduate of Stuyvesant High School, the city’s top public school, and he now attends Claremont McKenna College, clear across the country from his hometown. He’s an avid reader and writer who likes working on sustainability projects, such as Bloom, a Brooklyn-based large-scale hydroponics startup that he co-founded. So startup culture is in his blood, which is why we love his reason for joining the Rally team: “because crowdfunding is an enabling and empowering sub-product of the Internet.” Outside of work, Daniel likes to run, play soccer, and check out the delights of San Francisco on foot.

Welcome to Rally, Wendy and Daniel! We’re looking forward to working on great things with you.

Rally’s New Wicked Widget Is Here!

Here’s a late summer treat for everyone fundraising on Rally. You can now display Rally’s new “Give Now” button or a story widget on your own website! Inspire more people with your latest fundraising progress AND direct more donors to your Rally Donation Page.

How? First, sign in to Rally. In the Widget section of Settings, choose what you want to display on your website. Click “generate code” and copy and past it into your own site where it will appear. That’s it! If you opt to show donation progress or activity from your Rally Cause Page, those will automatically update based on activity on your Rally Page.

Please let us know what you think! We will continue to make rallying for causes meaningful and effective!