Singing and Rebuilding with Haiti After 2010 Earthquake



When you need to take a break from sitting at your desk for hours, a little music can boost your mood. Especially when dozens of children, accompanied by percussionists, are the ones serenading you.

The Haitian Children’s Choir and percussion ensemble stopped by Rally.org headquarters in San Francisco on Tuesday for a lunchtime concert and impromptu dance party. The choir is currently on a 25-city tour across the U.S. Sing With Haiti, a Bay Area non-profit dedicated to arts education and child well-being, coordinated the in-office appearance as part of a Rally fundraising campaign to benefit children in Haiti.


Late Summer at RallyPad: Hacking Education and the Environment

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Summer’s more than halfway over, but RallyPad is staying busy with events for local learners interested in school and environmental advocacy.


One Degree of Community Transformation: A RallyPad Profile



You might not think of it this way, but boot-strapping your way to the American Dream can cause unintended anxiety and self-doubt, along with other complications.


Startups, Building Community, and Dogs: RallyPad in May



From entrepreneur education to a happy hour for dog lovers, RallyPadders (and those who love them) at Rally.org HQ and elsewhere in San Francisco keep their calendars full.


RallyPad’s Enchanted April: When Fashion and Social Justice Meet


Whether in-house or elsewhere around San Francisco, RallyPad has ramped up operations this month with events focused on fashion and social-justice issues. (Not always at the same time, in case you were wondering).


A Weekend With A Cause That Matters: Global Glimpse

Clay & Eliza of Global Glimpse

Global Glimpse is an organization that sends students from across the US to an intense three week summer program packed full of leadership training, cultural enrichment, and impactful experiences in Nicaragua. I won the trip from a raffle that occurred at one of their fundraising events and was delighted to have the opportunity to travel with them and learn more about the program!

My first stop was in the small, mountain city of Jinotega. The  students were beginning to prepare for a group debate. The topic: “Is  US involvement in Nicaragua good or bad?” They had been in Nicaragua for  nearly three weeks at this point and had an understanding of the complex history of US-Nicaraguan relations, but hadn’t yet been challenged to critically think about the issues involved.

Ex-Vice President Jose Castellón

After the debates, we ate lunch and walked to former Vice President of Nicaragua, José Rizo Castellón’s house. He led a Q&A session where the students asked him about his worldly travels as well as pressing questions about Nicaragua’s economy and current political situation. Castellón was excited to engage with these curious minds and to give us a tour of his home showing off prized possessions.

The next day, we travelled to the city of Estelí for the student’s community service day which the group had begun planning well before arrival as a requirement of the Global Glimpse program.  It was fascinating to watch these students decide on a project that would not only benefit the community, but would be around long after they had left. This particular group chose to clean and paint a firehouse and a local firefighters were on hand to help them out

Students work on their service project

Though I didn’t spend three weeks in Nicaragua – or paint a firehouse – I learned a great deal about Nicaragua and Global Glimpse and am grateful to have had this opportunity.  Global Glimpse, which operates out of the Rally.org work space, RallyPad, has created an incredible program for students and I wish them all the very best!



This post was contributed by Clay Woolam, a supporter of Global Glimpse. You can learn more about Global Glimpse at their Rally page or at www.globalglimpse.org

We’ve Made Some New Friends This Summer…

Say Hello to Sachi Doctor and Valentine Mary Chamoin!

Sachi will be helping out with the RallyPad community,managing events and mentorship programs. Prior to Rally, Sachi was an audience insight and community engagement specialist at Guardian.co.uk and BBC World Service. After spending nearly seven years in London, Michigan born Sachi is new to SF. You’ll find this urban explorer wherever it’s sunniest; While a pro at rambling in the rain, she’s happiest ambling in the sun.

Valentine joins the marketing team at Rally as a summer intern! Before Rally, Val used to work as a communication director for the French Government and specialized in media, PR and crisis communication in politics. She is currently pursuing graduate studies at Harvard in online marketing and online media. A social media addict and white chocolate chip cookie junkie, on her free time she enjoys writing, shopping for colorful jewelry, daydreaming and learning sign language.

Welcome ladies! We look forward to spending this summer with you!


Learn How To Customize Your Rally Cause Page and Donation Form In Just Two Minutes!

Are you new to Rally ? If you’re wondering how easy it is to customize your Rally Page and Donation form, watch this short video tutorial for a quick overview. It’s simple, easy and it just two short minutes you’ll be on your way to fundraising success!

Before Going Mobile – Takeaways from the Innogive Conference

Svetha JanumpalliGuest blogger Svetha Janumpalli is the Founder & CEO of New Incentives, an organization that enables people to directly invest in individuals and households in the developing world, and then sustain those investments for free over time. Prior to founding New Incentives, Svetha spent time with the Grameen Bank and the Center of Evaluation for Global Action. 

From Text2Give to mobile apps, there are multiple ways non-profits can become involved with mobile technology. As Clam Lorenz of PayPal noted, people are expected to spend over $7 billion from their mobile phones this year alone. What does this mean for non-profits? We have a lot to gain if we approach mobile giving strategically.

Unfortunately, thinking about going mobile is a dwelling task. Thanks to a scholarship from Rally to attend the Innogive mobile giving conference, I found an easy place to start. Most online donations come from clicks through emails. Today, many emails are read on mobile devices. Before diving into mobile apps and text campaigns, non-profits can:

  1. Optimize emails for readability on mobile devices
  2. Ensure emails contain easily visible links to your website
  3. Increase page load speed because mobile users get bored easily
  4. Utilize responsive web design

For great resources on responsive web design, check out the following post by Beth Kanter: http://www.bethkanter.org/mobile-social/. In this post, Kanter also discusses Goodwill, which is a wonderful example of an integrated mobile strategy.

What does innovation mean in the nonprofit sector?

Dana Frasz is the Founder & Executive Director of Food Shift, an Earth Island Institute sponsored project working build a more just and sustainable food system by connecting the dots between food waste and hunger.  Prior to founding Food Shift, Dana spent three years working at Ashoka to find and support social entrepreneurs.

What does innovation mean in the nonprofit sector?  This question kicked off the last day at the Nonprofit Technology Conference and I was energized by the ways in which the panelists passionately highlighted both the strengths and weaknesses within the nonprofit community.  We are bold, we are brave, we are working together and taking on every challenge possible to create a better world.  We are collaborating with the for profit sector, embracing technology and expanding our reach in new ways.  Yet, as Brian Reich said, “we still don’t have a culture, systems or funding for radical innovation” and we are having the same conversations year after year.

Why is hunger increasing if we have “innovative” hunger organizations? Are we really challenging the status quo and radically changing the system?  If we are really solving the problem, shouldn’t we be putting ourselves out of business?  The issues are complex but we do need to challenge ourselves and our colleagues to take more risks, shake up the system and push against the status quo to make more impactful change.

We are living in urgent times and the list of problems we are facing is never ending.  As a young social entrepreneur working to create systemic change in the food sector by connecting the dots between food waste and hunger, I am eager to put my vision into action and see results fast.  I’m deeply inspired by Annie Leonard’s series of videos including the Story of Stuff and am encouraged to hear about the 20+ year journey it took for Annie to get to this place of having such a powerful, inspiring, effective message.  Change takes time and our own development as leaders and organizations takes time too.  Have patience and don’t give up.