This Election Has Gone to the Dogs

With the Republican convention behind us, and the Democrat convention wrapping tonight, campaign season 2012 is in full swing.  Rally has thousands of political candidates using our platform this election cycle – and though we dont talk about them very much, they provide a wealth of analytics about what works in the larger fundraising world.  With that in mind, our own intrepid PR manger Nick Warshaw headed off to the DNC to meet with customers, tell stories, and learn more about what is working.

Nick ran into Hamish McKinzie, a reporter from Pando Daily, and their conversation turned into an interesting piece that was published yesterday.

How does a politician get more people to donate to his campaign?

Pictures of dogs, obviously.

This morning I met in Charlotte with spokesman Nick Warshaw, who’s in town to try to sell politicians at the Democratic National Convention on the merits of the startup’s power-of-the-masses donation software. This, remember, is the startup that raised $7.9 million purely on AngelList, chugging back its own crowdsourcing Kool Aid.

Rally is already the donations portal for a “very large percentage” of this year’s election candidates, according to Warshaw. In fact, while San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro was delivering his speech last night, visitors to his homepage were accosted with a huge “donate” button powered by Rally.

You can read the rest of the article here and look at some adorable pictures of Bo Obama.


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